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what is it?

ZEOFINE is installed under exactly the same conditions as sand. The equipment is identical: filters, valves…

During the installation it is necessary to rinse the ZEOFINE so as to remove any dust. It is recommended to fill the filter just two thirds full and monitor the flow during the washing so that the grains of ZEOFINE do not overflow.

In the case of a multi-layered filtering bed, the height of the layer of ZEOFINE must represent at least 35% of the total height of the filtering bed.

75 Kg of ZEOFINE corresponds to 100 Kg of sand.

However, ZEOFINE can only completely demonstrate its efficiency when it is used alone as the replacement for sand (of the same volume). You then obtain lasting clear water and you make substantial savings in cost.

An economical product

the advantages !

ZEOFINE can endure numerous washings:

Even with intensive use, its efficiency is constant for at least 5 years.

For individual homes ZEOFINE can last even longer, up to 7 years!

Recyclable without transformation into Bio fertilizer.

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