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what is it?

ZEOFINE is an economic and ecological aid to filtration with unique properties that purify the water and improve the comfort of swimming.

ZEOFINE is obtained from a natural rock of volcanic origin of the zeolite family.

Its composition and the structure give ZEOFINE three fundamental properties:

- A very fine degree of filtration, up to 3 microns
- A great capacity of absorption of solid particles and dissolved compounds.
- The capacity to capture certain ions in a similar way to resins.

A product both economic

and ecological !

ZEOFINE simplifies the treatment processes and affords substantial savings on the overall maintenance costs of a swimming pool:

The water consumption is reduced by up to 50% thanks to less frequent cleaning. Consequently there is a net reduction in the consumption of reagents and disinfectants.

ZEOFINE has the capacity to fix the ammonia ions (NH4+) and so considerably reduces the ammonia nitrogen content in the water and therefore the formation of chloramines.

Because the chlorine added to the water works totally efficiently one avoids overdosing with chlorine. There is a reduction of 30-50% in the amount of chlorine added !

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